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Augmented Reality: Bringing Sikh artefacts to life

Augmented reality blurs the line between reality and virtual objects. This new technology allows us to view objects in a new light and can help individuals understand Sikh heri...
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3d Modelling of Sikh artefacts

3d Sikh models ( Click to enlarge). The SMI will be working on the most elaborate and creatively designed 3d models of Sikh artefacts and relics. These models will be interac...
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The Anglo-Sikh Treaties: 1806-1846

The SMI is pleased to announce the Anglo-Sikh Treaties Project. The team have collated the different treaties that were initiated between the Sikhs and the British from 1806 to th...
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British Sikh Army: Recruitment after the Anglo-Sikh Wars

The Anglo-Sikh Wars were highly contested battles between the Sikhs and the British. During the treaties initiated by the British after annexation, the Sikhs had to rethink thei...
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The Sikh Artefacts Database

A GOLD AND SILVER-DAMASCENED STEEL QUOIT (CHAKRAM) DEPICTING THE SIKH GURUS, Sialkot, 19th Century. Private collection Sold by Southebys.  The numerous Sikh artefacts in the UK ...
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