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Crafts Of The Punjab: Explore The V&A’s South Asian Collection


Crafts Of The Punjab: Explore The V&A’s South Asian Collection

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Jordan Well,
Coventry CV1 5QP

20 October 2017 – 21 January 2018

For thousands of years, the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent has been a cultural crossroad, resulting in a rich and vibrant legacy of arts and crafts.

Seen in the most everyday objects, the delicate and detailed artistry of local craftspeople has been woven into fabrics, carved into furniture and engraved on precious ornaments for centuries.

Using the exceptional collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, Crafts of the Punjab has been created especially for the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, and presents the extensive range of arts and crafts made across the area from the 2nd to the19th century.

Discover the skilful art of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain sculpture, Amritsar’s delicately carved ivories, Hoshiarpur’s elaborate musical instruments and Sialkot’s gold-inlaid steel artefacts. One of the most extraordinary pieces on show will be the Golden Throne made by a Muslim craftsman in Lahore for Ranjit Singh, the first Sikh Maharaja of the Punjab.

Journey across the ‘land of five rivers’, and uncover the cross-cultural influences that shaped this remarkable region, now divided between India and Pakistan.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s throne © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Featuring never before exhibited objects, famous artefacts and unique masterpieces of craftsmanship, this is a rare opportunity to view these stunning works outside London. The chair of Maharaja Ranjit Singh will be on display and is one of the key features of this exhibition.


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